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The first Beardshaw of whom we have knowledge in Sheffield was John, admitted to the freedom of the Cutlers' Company in 1716. 

He possessed property in Hollis Croft, and in 1726 erected buildings where from that day to this the family has carried the business of cutlers.

His son and grandson (both John, and both freemen of the Cutlers' Company) united with their trade the duties of landlords of "The Cock". 

The Inn was afterwards carried on by the sister of the last John Beardshaw, who married Samuel Henderson.  She lived until 1859, when she died and the age of 76.

Her brother Jonathan Beardshaw (1780-1851), while continuing the Hollis Croft Cutlery Works, took "The Ball" Inn, Hawley Croft.  He was the father of twenty-nine children, of whom twenty-eight were born in regular succession at intervals of ten months through twenty-three years.

Only two of these were surviving in 1822 (Sheffield Mercury, August 10, 1822), the eldest, who became Alderman George Beardshaw, of Baltic Works; and the twenty-eighth, destined to carry on the ancestral business at Diamond Works, Hollis Croft, and to have as his son Mr. Henry John Beardshaw, who still lives in his father's house, at a corner of Northumberland Road and Western Bank ("Western Hill", formerly called "The Racecourse Nook, Crookesmoor"), and continues the manufacture of cutlery in Hollis Croft.

Sheffield in the Eighteenth Century
by Robert Eadon Leader, 1901

Corporate Mark
J. Beardshaw & Son
Sheffield, England

 Photo courtesy of Robert Brophy

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