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  Spear & Jackson, Ltd. - Catalogue of Saws and Tools, 1930.



Hand Saws for All Uses

Spear & Jackson are always seeking means to improve their Saws, and their latest innovation in the process of Saw manufacture is the special tempering now applied to all Spear & Jackson's high grade Saws.

This new process of tempering enables them to guarantee that all Saws so treated are uniform in temper and possess greater wear-resisting properties than any other make.

We know of instances where our Saws are still doing as good work as ever for the grandsons of the original purchasers.

It should always be remembered that the Saws bearing Spear & Jackson's well-known trademarks are made from the firm's own special Saw Steel, and that each and every stage in the manufacture is carried out by the firm in its own workshops.

New "Spearior" Hand Saws

The" Spearior" Hand Saw is the Saw we have been aiming at for twenty years.

Quite recently our Research Department has finalized experiments on which they have been working for years. Every stage of the manufacture has been the subject of a most thorough scientific research, involving immense labor and considerable expense.

The new" Spearior" Saws are the result, and embody experiments in the Steel, in hardening, tempering, grinding, polishing and in general workmanship.

As the word suggests, we claim that these Saws are not only an improvement on the previous well-known Spear & Jackson quality, but are superior to any other saws on the market.

Exclusive Spear & Jackson processes are employed in the hardening and tempering, and for grinding and polishing, entirely new machinery has been invented and installed, giving a more accurate and more uniform taper and a better finish.

The catalog presented here was made available by the generosity of Mark Stansbury.

Mark designed and maintains several websites dedicated to hand tools of 19th century. Here are a few links that will take you to his sites:


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