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English Saws


Taylor Brothers - Adelaide Works, Sheffield, UK

  Taylor Brothers - Tenon Saw, 16 inch with Unique Handle by Wiktor A. Kuc 1 of 5  

Years ago I noticed this saw on an auction website. It was unusual and a departure from the traditional shape of saw handles made in England.

Unfortunately, I didn't win this bid and the saw shown here is not in my possession. Hence, the images are from an old eBay posting.

For a long time I thought that this handle is unique to Taylor Brothers. This assumption was reinforced with a few posts on showing a handle just like the one shown above.

The seller described this saw as: "coolest forward hook (actually, it is a forward part of a boss) shape around. Early and excellent split saw nuts. Blade measures 16" long and nearly 5" wide. Very cool logo with lamb and staff appears on blade and also on medallion." The saw was sold in US by US seller.

This saw provides an opportunity to comment on several general issues related to English saws. I will do that at the end of the article. First, let's look at this saw.

Data Summary:

Saw Design Blade
Pitch in
Marking/ Type Handle Screws Estimated Prod. Date
Iron/Steel Back
16" 11 PPI
Readable/ Stamp Closed Handle
Split Nuts
1850s - 1870s

Average-looking saw blade of the backsaw.

The heel and handle's boss.

The toe is square to both edges of the spine.
The spine has rounded top and beveled edges.
The spine could be iron or steel.

Taylor Brothers
Paschal Lamb
Cast Steel  Adelaide Works  Warranted


This stamp appears on many saws made by Taylor Brothers. I have seen many wild speculations on the meaning of this phrase, but I believe it means what it says. I am inclined to say that it appears on earlier Taylors saws - maybe up to 1870s, but there is no reliable research data to conclusively support this observation.

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