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Catalog of Tools, W. Tyzack, Sons and Turner, LTD., 1949 - courtesy of Mark Stansbury.

Conditions of Sale

All previous price lists are hereby cancelled.

Home Trade

Settlement Terms - All accounts are subject to a discount of 2-1/2% for cash during month following delivery; thereafter nett, except steel, which is strictly nett monthly.

New Accounts - Initial orders on new accounts should be accompanied by two trade references.

Fluctuation of Prices - All prices and quotations are subject to alteration without notice. No claim for alleged loss or damage through delay in connection with any order or from any cause whatsoever can be admitted unless a direct undertaking in writing to that effect has been given. All orders are accepted subject to force majeure clause.

Delivery Terms - Goods are delivered carriage paid on accounts of 10 value or over in England, Scotland and Wales, and in Eire and Northern Ireland on the value of 12 and over to Irish Ports only.

Packing - Cases, Boards, and other packing will be charged for and are returnable. Credit can only be given on receipt of same at our Works in good condition and carriage paid.

Customers' Examination of Goods - Any goods found to be defective or agreed as not in accordance with order and returned to us will be replaced if required, but we do not hold ourselves responsible for further claims, whether for expense or damage, and it is a condition of any claim for replacement that goods are examined on arrival and any shortages or damage reported to us at once.

Goods under Inspection - No goods supplied under an inspection condition shall be returnable after having been once passed by the Inspector.

Catalogue Illustrations - The illustrations in this Catalogue are fairly representative of the articles described, but we reserve to ourselves the right to alter same in detail as circumstances dictate.

Special Goods - Special goods made to order are not returnable.

Clerical Errors and Times of Delivery - We reserve to ourselves the right of correction of any clerical errors, and times of delivery named are contingent upon accidents, strikes, or other unforeseen occurrences.

Acceptance of Orders - All orders, whether received by post or through our Agents are subject to our approval, and if declined purchasers will be notified at once.

Illustrations without Prices - Where no prices are given, our object is to show that we make the article illustrated and that owing to variety of specifications, it is difficult to state a price without receiving further details of customers' special requirements.

Orders for export from the United Kingdom - Special conditions and details of Export sales on application to the Works.

The catalog presented here was made available by the generosity of Mark Stansbury.

Mark designed and maintains several websites dedicated to hand tools of 19th century. Here are a few links that will take you to his sites:


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