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My friend, Mari Subritzky from Melbourne, AU, send me pictures and short description on a saw she recently found. She writes:

"I suspect that it could be a very early saw, so I'm very interested to hear others' views on the age or possible origin of the saw.

It's 8" long, a tapered brass back that is very rounded on the top, the tiny handle is only 5/8" thick, the saw plate is 15thou thick, 13.5ppi & a rip profile.

What I find attractive about this saw is the double horn cut outs at the top & bottom of the handle, I've seen a few early saws but I haven't seen that shape on a handle before.

It has IS stamped into the spine and MO stamped into the handle on the reverse.
It has a couple of obligatory worm holes & a missing nut."

So, here it is:

The saw shown here is in "as found" condition. It is a historical specimen
and it is preserved as is.

Obviously, the saw was used quite a bit and the blade attests to this.

Double horn cut outs at the top and bottom of the handle.

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