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Advanced Hand-Cut Dovetails Dvd


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Bench Chisels

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James Howarth & Sons Ltd. - Sheffield, UK

  Howarth's "Sheffield Pad" Brace by Jim Hendricks

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James Howarth is one of my favorite names amongst the Sheffield edge tool businesses. His irons are commonly found in 19th century planes, yet he was far more than that. He produced many tools in the mid 1800s and this beautiful "Sheffield Pad" brace is testament to that.

Listed as "edge tool maker, engraver, die sinkers' tool and cast steel auger maker, saw file and hammer maker" the company was liquidated in 1912.

The assets and mark were acquired by Robert Sorby & Sons – a trading entity which continued to operate in the interwar period, using the Howarth name and mark at Broomspring Works, Trafalgar Street. This was the location, too, of Sorby’s. John Charles Howarth continued to work as a representative for Sorby’s, thus maintaining his family’s involvement in the trade.

I have many planes bearing his irons including this fine badger.

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