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William Marples and Sons, Hibernia Works - Sheffield, UK

  William Marples & Sons-Centenary Edition Catalog, 1928    

The Tools and Trades History Society (TATHS) is a one fine organization in GB that aims to advance the education of the general public in the history, development and use of hand tools and of the people and trades that used them. I am a member of TATHS for over 10 years and learned a lot from their publications. If you are not a member of this organization - join it, it is well worth it!

Andrew Tuckwell, a webmaster of the TATHS website sent me a note about their New Year's gift to all interested in Vintage Tools and their History.

"If you like old tools, you will understand that old catalogues hold an extraordinary amount of useful information. But paper copies are rare and fragile, so sharing scans is a good way to go.

We are pleased to be able to offer, as a free download, a scan of the 237 page 1928 Marples Catalogue of "Shamrock" brand tools.

You can read it on your PC, tablet, iPad, Kindle or smartphone, or print it for your own personal use. It lists a huge range of Sheffield's finest tools, from Adzes to Zinc Salt Saws - many for the carpenter and joiner, but also tools for the cooper, engineer, mason, basketmaker, plumber, gardener, decorator, cook, saddler, shepherd, shoemaker, wheelwright, and many more.

It's a large-ish file at 43Mb. The scan is at 300dpi, in colour. The text is searchable, but is only as good as Tesseract OCR conversion makes it, so for best results, just page through the whole thing or use its own internal index, which is at the front. As far as we are aware, this edition is not available anywhere else on the web.

If you like it, remember that we have a large range of catalogues which are available for our members to download, or for anyone to buy on disc, in our Shop."

Take an advantage of this nice gift and download it now!

Wiktor Kuc
January, 2016

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