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William Marples and Sons, Hibernia Works - Sheffield, UK

  Marples "Shamrock Brand" Tools Catalog, 1959    


This is the 1959 edition of our General Tool Catalogue.

For over a century-and-a quarter it has been our policy to manufacture and distribute through Trade channels, a range of Hand Tools unsurpassed for quality anywhere in the World.

Yet there is no virtue in age and tradition unless it embodies the element of progress. Therefore it is our constant endeavor to improve our service by the introduction of modern manufacturing and sales techniques.

The use of new materials - the problems of design, packaging, display, and distribution, are frequently reviewed in the light of current trends, and whilst concentrating our effort upon the tasks of the moment, our eyes are open to the developments of the future.

Our success can be measured by the ever-increasing demand for
Marples "Shamrock Brand" Tools by Craftsmen and Do-it-yourself enthusiasts both at home and abroad.

Through our network of Home and Overseas Representatives we now have a World-wide coverage offering a service second to none. Good stocks are held in our Warehouses at Sheffield, London, Glasgow, and Toronto (Canada).

We thank our many friends for their continued support and for their courteous reception of our Representatives.

Hibernia Works, Westfield Terrace,

The catalog offered here was made available by Mark Stansbury.

Mark designed and maintains several websites dedicated to hand tools of 19th century. Here are a few links that will take you to his sites:

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