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William Marples and Sons, Hibernia Works - Sheffield, UK




Hibernia Works, the factory of Messrs. William Marples and Sons, edge tool manufacturers and merchants, is in Westfield-terrace, extending backwards to Rockingham-street.

The business was founded nearly fifty years ago (1830) by the father of the present proprietors, who early established a reputation for excellence of quality and superiority of finish which enabled him to build up a large business.


The business has continued to increase under the energetic management of his sons, who have now one of the most extensive edge and general tool trades in Sheffield. The large extent of their manufactory in Sheffield is shown in our illustration. They have branch establishments in London, Liverpool, Germany, Canada, and the United States of America, and their goods are well known in all our colonies and in most other countries.

The specialty of the firm is the very large stock of goods they have always on hand. Their warehouses are filled with an assortment of tools of every known description, cutlery and general hardware of all kinds. They have, probably, the largest stock of tools of any house in the world, it being the endeavour of the firm to supply tools for every purpose for which they can be required. Their enormous stock enables them to execute the largest orders at a few hours' notice—this special feature of the business having contributed materially to the wide extension of their connections.

In addition to the stock of goods of their own manufacture, and of general English hardware, the firm import tools and hardware of all kinds from the United States, Germany, France, and other manufacturing countries, supplying from their extensive stores every diversity of tools and hardware that customers can possibly require.

The Illustrated Guide to Sheffield and the Surrounding District
edited by John Taylor, 1879.

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