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George Darby - Birmingham, UK

  George Darby - 18th Century Moulding Plane by Richard Arnold  

George Darby is possibly the earliest recorded maker from Birmingham and may well have been in business prior to 1750.

This complex moulder has a possibly unique feature of intermittent lignum boxing.

None of my fellow collecting friends could remember seeing this feature on a moulding plane before, but I can't help but think I have come across it somewhere in the past.

It's interesting to note that the iron and wedge on this plane are marked with number 8. In roman numerals on the iron, and in red ink on the wedge. This leads one to wonder if this complex moulder was made as one of a large batch.

It would be interesting to try and find out what the mould was for. The blade is set at common pitch which leads me to think this was an architectural joinery plane for use on softwoods.

Richard Arnold
December, 2016
Website: http://oldwoodplanes.co.uk/

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