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William Cogdell- London, UK

  William Cogdell's Round Moulding Plane by Jim Hendricks


Moulding planes from the 18th century are my favorite planes. William Cogdell worked in London during 1730 - 1752 years.

Today I won on eBay a round molding plane by William.

I didn't really need another Cogdell's plane as I only intend to put one of each historic maker in the chest, but this one was irresistible, not because of the maker but because of the strange mark on the body of the plane.

I am almost certain this is a guild mark... a "lion passant" and is unknown to me. I can't see it as an owner mark as right below it is an owner's stamp.

William was apprenticed to Robert Wooding, of Three Plains fame, and in 1730 was admitted to the Joiners' Company. He was a steward of that guild from 1731-1752.

Does that mark perhaps signify the mark of stewardship perhaps?

Jim Hendricks
My blog: KT Tools
Sevenoaks, Kent

, 2017



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