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John Davenport - London, UK

  Astragal Bead by John Davenport presented by Richard Arnold


This astragal bead was made by one of the earliest British planemaker, John Davenport of London. Bound as an apprentice to William Reynolds in1693, Davenport became free in 1704.

It is surprising that there are so few examples of Davenports work, as he took at least 10 apprentices with 6 of them becoming plane makers themselves.

At just shy of 11" in length, this is possibly the longest named moulding plane I have seen to date.

It's nice to see the original setting out lines left by the maker on the heel and toe.

This indicates that a mother plane was not available to make the profile.

A feature of a lot of these very early moulding planes, Davenport's in particular, is that the wedge tends to lean at an angle.

This pushes the iron towards the outer edge of the plane.

Richard Arnold
September, 2017
Website: http://oldwoodplanes.co.uk/


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