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On fancier models, the arms are screw stems with boxwood nuts. Handled versions of the plane are also an improvement. Mathieson would later step up the game on sash fillisters as well as plow planes, making bridle style fence control with solid ebony stems, and even a model with solid brass stems with screw locks. I do not doubt that Mathieson learned this prestigious plane making skill early on from John Manners.

This plane by Manners has many common features of an early plane. Manners only made planes for 30 years from, 1792 to 1822 and this plane is an exemplary model of planes made at that time. In the photos below, notice the rounded shape to the top back of the plane and the wide but rounded stopped chamfers along the top edge and front of the plane.

This plane features a rather simple boxwood inserted wear strip to the inside bottom edge. Later plane makers would dovetail this boxing in, sometimes even incredibly complex triple and quadruple dovetails were used. I have several examples of planes made by David Malloch that feature quadruple dovetailed boxing, which I will show in a later article.

The sash fillister plane almost always use a depth stop, to set the depth of the rebate to be cut to a predetermined and repeatable setting. Manners used a simple beech wooden stop on this model. Even after 200 years, it fits snuggly in the through mortise in the body of the plane in front of the mouth.

The stop is tapped from the top to set it to the desired depth as it projects from the bottom. On other models of Sash Fillisters, the depth stop may be brass and adjusted by a screw at the top of the plane.


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