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Richard Arnold on 18th Century English Tools

  Design of an Early 18th Century Jack Plane by Richard Arnold 1 of 3  

For a number of years now I have been playing around with the design of an early 18th century jack plane.


I have drawn inspiration from the planes illustrated on the John Jennion trade card as these are the only clue as to what form they may have taken.

This is because as yet no one has managed to find an original example. The plane in the foreground is attempt number 1.

This was merely altered from a late 19th century jack. I still use this plane for general duties, but I was never happy with it.

Mark 2, in the middle was a failure in my eyes.

I placed the tote well offset this time, and reverted to a conventional open tote. Big mistake. I cant get on with it at all. Back to the drawing board.

Mark 3 is now under production.

This time it will be a pure jack with a heavily cambered single iron. I might even match the sole to the iron and camber that as well. I have decided to shorten the stock from 17 to 14 inches, the same as the single iron jack in the Seaton chest. The tote will be completely offset this time, and radically different to anything I have done before.

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