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Richard Arnold on 18th Century English Tools

  Thomas Moodey - 18th Century Plough Plane by Richard Arnold  

Collecting 18th century ploughs is something of a passion of mine and this is the first example I ever found.


The plane is marked Moodey, and is almost certainly by Thomas Moodey of Birmingham.

It is now thought that the earlier planes marked Moodey, Worcester, were by his father.

However, judging from the wedge shape of this example I would put it at around 1760, which would make it likely to be by Thomas.

It has a number of features common to the Birmingham school of plough makers. The brass escutcheons on the arms are round as apposed to the usual diamond pattern, and the small mould at the junction of the body to the skate is an ogee rather than the normal thumb mould.

Another unique feature of the Birmingham school is that the wooden depth stop is pierced by the stem, and a unique feature that I have never seen on any other plough is that the wedge sits on top of the stem rather than the side.

This is also one of only two examples of 18th century ploughs I have seen where the skate is screwed to the body as apposed to being riveted.

Richard Arnold
February, 2017


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