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Richard Arnold on 18th Century English Tools

  Very Early Moulding Plane by Richard Arnold  

This plane is over 10 1/2" long and has the look of an early moulder, but unfortunately there is no recognizable makers mark.

What does give us a clue to its age is the iron fitted to the plane. Its a very rare example of one of the earliest edge tool makers working in the Birmingham area, Francis Innman. When Don Wing saw this plane he was pretty sure it was 17th rather than 18th century.

The mould itself is small but highly complex and would probably be described as a picture frame mould. I have tried to use this plane but I have to say its possibly the trickiest moulder I have ever used.

The plane has no spring, and coupled with the fine complex profile it leaves no room for error for the operator! The other amazing feature of this plane is the choice of wood. It's made of Holly. I have two other early moulders made of this material , and was recently out bid at an auction on a Robert Wooding moulder made of holly.

Richard Arnold
September, 2016
Website: http://oldwoodplanes.co.uk/

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