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Richard Arnold on 18th Century English Tools

  18th C. Forkstaff Plane by James Higgs - presented by Richard Arnold 1 of 2  

The Forkstaff plane's pronounced concave shape of the sole is designed to make rounded spindle-like shapes easier. It is an essential tool for making various agricultural implements as well as spokes, railings and spindles of all sorts.

This plane was made in the18th century by James Higgs of Westminster, London.

I have always been struck by the relatively large number of 18th century Forkstaff planes that have survived, but when one considers how many agricultural implements must have been made over the years, it's perhaps not so surprising.

This example has an early double iron by John Green. Sometimes Forkstaff planes were made by altering a standard smoother, but one can always identify a true one by the curve inside the throat.

This plane measures 6 3/4" in length by 21/4" wide, by 2 5/8" high

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