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  Building a Bronze, Dovetailed 7-inch Miter Plane by Bill Carter 3 of 12  

I don't set these out I just do them by eye using a round file and a triangular file,
then a small file connecting the 3 cuts up.

Here is the whole length of the bronze bar with cupid bows.

I have made it easier to bend by reducing the thickness of the bar with drilling through the bronze, using a metal former the right width, cramping them into the vice with a square headed wood screw going through the bronze into the former, keeping everything central.

At a later date I will make the square headed wood screw into a round cheese head wood screw as you can't buy cheese headed wood screws over here anymore.

Having lined everything up tight in the vice I am using a crow bar
to bend the metal a bit at a time both sides.

Here you can see the square headed screw in the back. It keeps
the bronze in place as well as leaving a gap from the jaw
of the vice to get the crowbar in.

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