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UK Planes and their Makers

  Boxing Wooden Planes  

"Boxing" is the technique of using a hard wood in areas where use causes wear on a plane, thus minimizing the wear caused by friction with the wood.


So called because English boxwood was the wood normally used on British planes. But not all boxing uses boxwood.

Here I show two examples - the first using African ebony, the second, lignum vitae.

A standing fillister by Thos. Moon London 1795-1828
with ebony and boxwood "boxing".

The beautifully cut-in composite boxing.

Lignum vitae blocks by John Darby Birmingham 1767-1797.

Each block inserted by sliding dovetails to strengthen their fitting.
Lignum vitae exudes natural oils forever and does not take well to gluing alone.

Close up of the sublime work of a master, more than 200 years ago.

Jim Hendricks
My blog: KT Tools
Sevenoaks, Kent

July, 2017

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