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Scottish Boxwood Infill Smoother by Jim Hendricks

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I often trawl the eBay looking for little orphan infill planes...


… simply because I couldn’t afford pristine collector examples at the time and partly because I enjoy the challenge of making a basket case into something useable.

One such lost child was this Scottish infill smoother.

This was the eBay image and as far as I could see… the casting was in great condition… the lever cap was beautiful gunmetal… so it looked ok from these shots (yeah right!) …and although the infill had been destroyed and replaced with pine… it looked a pretty good candidate for restoration and it was cheap!

Once I had it in my hands and in profile it was clear that something was not quite right with the lever cap…

and so it proved to be when removed…

I have seen stems slightly bent before…especially these old style thin ones..but this is way beyond that. A replacement was therefore needed and my dear friend Andy from Bristol suggested there might be one at Bristol Designs... just up the road from him.

There was… and in the meantime… I had sourced some boxwood at Timberline in Tonbridge… Robert the owner giving me a really large piece he had secreted in his special place.

And so the long task of restoration was born… and this is the after shot.

The story of how I got to this stage is now described…in the hope this may help fellow restorers.


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