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Holding Jig for Moulding Plane Wedges by Anthony Waldis


One of the challenges when collecting moulding planes is the need to make new wedges or clean old ones and holding them can be difficult.


I made this little jig to help with the problem. It is easy to make and may be useful to someone else.

The finished jig with a wedge in place.

The parts.

The parts with sizes marked. The main board is 9 by 3 by .

The underside showing the vice mounting block.

The jig held in a vice.

All wooden parts are beech but any stable timber will do. The bolt heads were machined down to fit in the counter bored holes. Sizes are not critical but the thinner you get the holding bars the narrower the wedges that can be held.

Tony Waldis
Norfolk, GB
November, 2016



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