William Jessop and Sons, Limited - Sheffield, UK

  Jessop Steel Co. - Washington, PA  

The Jessop Steel Company was established and the works erected in 1901 by Wm. Jessop & Sons. Ltd., Sheffield, for the purpose of manufacturing in America the highest grades of tool steels in various forms.

All the factors contributing lo the success of Jessop's Steels gained over a period of one hundred and fifty years have been inherited and used as the foundation for the manufacture of Jessop's American Steels as they are made to-day by the Jessop Steel Company at Washington, Pennsylvania.

This Plant of the Jessop Steel Company comprises Melting Furnaces, Hammers, Cogging Mills, Bar and Strip Mills, Plate and Sheet Mills, Annealing and Heat Treating Furnaces, Machine and Testing Shops, and a fully equipped Laboratory, all of which make for a self-contained Factory, producing strictly High Grade Steels by skilled employees, under the close supervision and direction of a highly technical Staff.

The Jessop Steel Company thus provides a unique combination of the best Steel Works' practice of two continents, England and America.

It is centrally located for serving the industrial sections of the United States of America and Canada, with the finest quality of material, workmanship and service, and what is further important - and so vitally necessary in these days of highly developed Steels - for specialized purposes - the actual manufacturing source is readily accessible to promptly meet any demand or requirement.

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