William Jessop and Sons, Limited - Sheffield, UK

  Sheffield Steel in Europe Industry, No. 78, January 1895  

The French steel makers have a hard time of it in competing with the Sheffield makers, especially Messrs. Jessop and Sons, for the finer grades of tool steel. Large orders are continually given to the English makers at an advance of 25 to 30 dollars a ton over the home price in France.

Tool steel is an exceptional commodity to manufacture. Complete uniformity and homogeneity are essential, and these qualities are contingent upon a care and expense required in few other manufactures, and no doubt owing in a great degree to the evolution of more than a century of experience.

The firm of Messrs. Jessop is that old and their efforts to maintain the quality of their product are proverbial. We have known a member of this firm to come to this country, many years ago, to investigate a fault charged against Jessop steel, by a small user in Ohio. The investigation must have cost the profits of many years in that case.


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