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Report of Artisans selected by A Committee Appointed by the Council of the Society of Arts to visit the Paris Universal Exhibition 1867.

Among the most instructive developments of modern civilization are those international exhibitions which, commencing in London in 1851, under the inspiration and auspices of the late sagacious and public-spirited Prince Albert, have been succeeded by more and more extended and comprehensive once, closing in the Universal Exposition held at Paris during the summer of 1867.

The Council of the Society of Arts, feeling the importance of promoting the intelligent study of Paris Exhibition and the manufacturing establishments in France by artisans of the United Kingdom, in the early part of this year passed the following minute:


"At the last and former International Exhibitions held in this country, arrangements were made by the French Government to facilitate the visit of skilled artisans, and interesting reports on the exhibitions were made by them to their government.  Believing that such visits on the part of skilled workmen to these great international displays not only exercise a beneficial influence upon the men themselves, but also upon the progress of industry in the country which they belong, the Council of the Society of Arts have resolved to raise a fund to be employed in aiding a limited number of English workmen to proceed to Paris for the purpose of studying the present French Exhibition."

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