Advanced Hand-Cut Dovetails Dvd

Advanced Hand-Cut Dovetails Dvd


Bench-side instruction on hand-cutting hounds tooth, half-blind and mitered edge dovetails. Building on Hand Cut Dovetails...[Read More]
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Bench Chisels

Bench Chisels

This will probably
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The History of Industries and Toolmaking in United Kingdom

  Early Mortise Gauges by Richard Arnold  


These wooden gauges were found in an 18th century joiners chest.


They are cut from the solid, and are not adjustable. My theory is that they were for sash window making. Both originally had four fixed pins.

These seem to match the two common sizes of sash material used in England, 1-1/2", and 1-3/4".

The first two pins would mark the position of the mortice, while the third would mark the overall width of the sash, while the fourth pin would mark an extra 1/4" width for the meeting rails.

Both have seen an extreme amount of use, as the wear in the end grain testifies.

I have concluded from this that it was not just the position of the mortise and tenon that was marked, but the whole length of the rails, stiles, and glazing bars.

Aichard Arnold
May, 2017




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