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  Mechanick Exercises: Smithing, Joinery, etc. by Joseph Moxon, 1703    

For the reason aforesaid I intend to begin with Smithing, which comprehends not only the Black-Smith's Trade, but takes in all Trades which use either Forge or File, from the Anchor-Smith, to the Watch-Maker; they all working by the same Rules, tho not with equal exatness and all using the fame Tools, tho' of several Sizes from those the common Black-Smith uses, and that according to the various purposes they are applied to.

And in order to it, I shall first shew you how to set up a Forge, and what Tools you must use in the Black Smith's work; then the Rules, and several Circumstances of Forging, till your Work come to the File: Then of the several Sorts of Iron that are commonly used; and what fort is fittest for each purpose.

Afterwards of Filing in general, and the Rules to be observed in it, in the making of Jacks, Hinges, Screws, Clocks, Watches, etc. In which Examples, you will find all other Sorts of Forging or Filing work whatsoever comprehended.

And lastly, as a close to Smithing, I stall Exercise upon Steel, and its several Sorts, and how to Order and Temper it for its several Uses; and what Sort is fitest for each particular purpose; as which is fittest for Edge-Tools, which for Springs, which for Punches, etc.

Some perhaps would have thought it more proper, to have introduced these Exercises with a more Curious, and less Vulgar Art, than that of Smithing; but I am not of their Opinion; for Smithing is in all parts, as curious a Handy-Craft, as any is.

Besides, it is a great Introduction to most other Handy-Works, as Joinery, Turning, etc. they (with the Smith) working upon the Straight, Square, or Circle, though with different Tools, upon different Matter and they all haying dependance upon the Smith's Trade, and not the Smith upon them.

NOTE: The 1703 edition of original work "Mechanical Exercises or the Doctrine of Handy-Works, applied to the Arts of Smithing, Joinery, Carpentry, Turning, Bricklayery" is a third edition of this work. On this page I have edited an excerpt of Preface to eliminate a "long S". Other wording, appearing as incorrect, is preserved and is as written in the volume. One benefit of this download is good quality of the illustrations - the best I have seen so far.

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