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The History of Industries and Toolmaking in United Kingdom

  Hallamshire: The History and Topography
of the Parish of Sheffield
by Joseph Hunter, 1819



The ground which is here broken up owes little to the labours of any former topographer.

The very name of Hallamshire is scarcely known beyond the limits of the district in which it is in customary use; and though the name of Sheffield is familiar to most persons into whose hands this volume will come, still it is presumed that the history and true character of the place and its inhabitants are but imperfectly, if at all understood.

Many parts of the county of York have had their history and antiquities ably illustrated; but no survey of any of the many districts into which that large county may for topographical purposes be so conveniently distributed, has comprehended any portion of the territory to which this volume relates.

All that the public has seen respecting Sheffield and the district of which it is the little capital, has been in Tours, Descriptions, Directories, and Magazines; and the accounts there given have been little more than republications of the notice of the town of Sheffield in the old Magna Britannia, with the errors faithfully copied, but some of the information suppressed which was contained even in so scanty an article.

If, therefore, it be found that the soil on which I have laboured does not bring forth fruit of the richest and most delicious flavour, from its produce the reader will not, it is hoped, turn- away disgusted at having again offered to him that which had already palled upon his taste.

Some things which had before appeared I have been compelled to reprint. But in general the contents of this volume are now for the first time submitted to the public.


And even in the matter which is transcribed from manuscript authorities, or from printed books as rare as manuscripts, it will in general be seen that something is brought to bear on the subject from other sources of information.

This applies more particularly to the pedigrees. It will not be found that any of them are merely copies from the visitation-books or other collections of Yorkshire genealogies.

But that throughout them fresh information is interwoven, and that where the subject seemed to require it, the line has been continued from the time of the visitations to the present period.

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